I love the works of JRR Tolkien and the unique vision of his world that each and every one of us holds in our imagination as we travel through Middle-earth. The more immersed I've become in that world the more I find paintings trying to burst out of me. I've always painted but sometimes you just need something truly inspiring to give you focus. I like finding my own visual symbols for Tolkien themes and they work their way into my paintings. Whatever the painting ends up looking like, there's nothing more fun than sploshing a lot of paint around (and on my clothes, in my hair and on the table....).

Prints of my paintings are available at For more musings on art and Tolkien see my Galley Hill Art Blog.
© Iolanthe.
The Mirror of Galadriel
The Mirror of Galadr....
© Iolanthe.
Tolkien's World
Tolkien's World.
© Iolanthe.
Glaurung's Death Throes
Glaurung's Death Thr....
© Iolanthe.
Spirit of the Trees
Spirit of the Trees.
© Iolanthe.
© Iolanthe.
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