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November 16: TA 2941

16 November 2008 08:28:42
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Lonely Mountain is besieged.

"Who are you, and of what would you parley?".
© Alan Lee.
This day appears to be all about treasure and greed. No sooner has Smaug been slain by Bard at Laketown than the armies for both the good and the evil seek to besiege the Lonely Mountain in search of the vast treasures buried there. It is interesting that in receiving news of Bard's approach, and even being told that he is an honorable man, Thorin is having none of it, and makes all preparation to defend the Dwarf treasure.

Thorin sends word to Dáin for help, but that assistance is still far off. So the wolves and the Goblins gather, along with the armies of both Men and Elves...all to lay claim to their portion of the riches of the Lonely Mountain. This is the day they attack and Thorin is ready for them.

The sword is sharp, the spear is long,
The arrow swift, the Gate is strong;
The heart is bold that looks on gold;
The dwarves no more shall suffer wrong.

Now call we over mountains cold,
'Come back unto the caverns old'!
Here at the Gates the king awaits,
His hands are rich with gems and gold.

The king is come unto his hall
Under the Mountain dark and tall.
The Worm of Dread is slain and dead,
And ever so our foes shall fall!

© Middle-earth Journeys. Images © Alan Lee.