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December 30: TA 2941

30 December 2008 11:57:11
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They arrive at Beorn's and stay until spring.

...this one is THE Carrock...
...this one is THE Carrock....
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By midwinter, Gandalf and Bilbo had come as far as the home of Beorn, where they would stay until spring, enjoying the Yule celebrations and feasts with the Men Beorn gathered around him in these days. He was well on his way to becoming a great Chief of Men by this time, and some few of his descendants would make an appearance many years later in the War of the Ring. Bilbo very likely learned many stories and much lore during his stay with Beorn, part of the knowledge that he later became so famous for back home in the Shire. The extended stay with Beorn was a needed respite from the hardships Bilbo had endured, and gave him strength for the final months of his journey home. By earliest spring, he found the "Tookish part" of himself growing tired of adventure, while the "Baggins daily grew stronger". It was time to return to Bag End.

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