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October 9, TA 3018

9 October 2005 14:23:54
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Glorfindel leaves Rivendell.

In real life, events are not linear and they do not happen in isolation.

The events of this day have their beginnings on the evening of September 24th, the second day on the road for Frodo, Pippin and Sam. That night they camped with the elves on the ridge overlooking the village of Woodhall and Frodo spoke long with Gildor. Frodo told Gildor of his plans to go to Rivendell and that Gandalf was long overdue to meet them for this journey. That Gandalf was late troubled Gildor greatly and he promised to send word to all the fair folk that Frodo and his companions were on the road, that the Black Riders were about and looking for the hobbits, and that Gandalf was missing.

Word reaches Rivendell and those few who have strength to resist the riders are dispatched to keep watch for the Travelers. One of these elves is Glorfindel. So while our travelers continue their painful and slow trek, on this day, October 9th Glorfindel leaves Rivendell to keep watch for them along The Great East Road.

Artwork: "Rivendell" by Alan Lee

Calendar entry by Elizabeth