In 2006 I took up painting again after nearly 35 years, inspired by the writings - and pictures - of JRR Tolkien, and encouraged by my friends here on MEJ. Since then I've attended various painting courses, started exhibiting, and drawn huge inspiration from the works of John Howe, Anke Eissmann and Jef Murray, both for my Tolkien and non-Tolkien painting.

You can find out more about me and my work by taking a look at the marbretherese blog and visiting the marbretherese art & photo website.
Tom Bombadil's Wedding
Tom Bombadil's Wedding.
© marbretherese 2009.
Henneth Annûn
Henneth Annûn .
© marbretherese 2008.
Théoden lying in state
Théoden lying in state.
© marbretherese 2008.
Forbidden Pool
Forbidden Pool.
© marbretherese 2008.
Cerin Amroth
Cerin Amroth.
© marbretherese 2008.
© marbretherese 2007.
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