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September 20, TA 3018

20 September 2005 16:59:59
Gandalf gains entrance to Edoras. Theoden commands him to go: 'Take any horse, only be gone ere tomorrow is old!'.

On September 20, TA 3018, Gandalf finally gains entrance to the Golden Hall, only to find hostility and suspicion within. His warnings are brushed aside as he is almost literally bounced out the door, but not without the fateful "take any horse..." command, that creates the unique pairing of Wizard and horse which plays such a significant part in Tolkien's tale.

Here also, is one of the places where you learn not to take even the slightest detail that Tolkien has written into his story for granted. You learn that every single time that Gandalf has a bad feeling or premonition about something...that premonition will undoubtedly play a major part somewhere along in the upcoming story. Here...this little hint that things are not right in Rohan, portends the near catastrophic events that will play out in the Land of the Horse Lords in the coming story.

The Enemy is moving.

Artwork: "Edoras" by Alan Lee