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September 21, TA 3018

21 September 2005 16:59:59
Gandalf meets Shadowfax, but the horse will not allow him to come near. He follows Shadowfax far over the fields.

September 21, TA 3018 is a strange and almost fruitless day, and it serves to heighten the anxiety of the reader as we watch Sauron's tenacity and his treacherous plot unfolding...and Gandalf, it appears, is wasting all this time chasing some horse in Rohan. It is only after one does a little research that one discovers that Shadowfax was so strong and swift that he could indeed outrun the black horses of the Nazgul.

So, even if we didn't know it, Gandalf did have this knowledge and must have understood that if he were to have any chance of finding Frodo before the Enemy could, he would need to befriend this greatest of horses, one of the Mearas.

'And there is one among them that might have been foaled in the morning of the world. The horses of the Nine cannot vie with him; tireless, swift as the flowing wind. Shadowfax they called him.'
Gandalf chases Shadowfax and the Enemy is moving.

Artwork: "Rohan" by Alan Lee