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November 6: TA 2941

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Elves reach Lake-town. Dáin receives summons

" meanwhile what next?"..."I suggest ….
© Alan Lee.
The stage is being set for the foolish battle Thorin's intransigence promises. The Elven King, whom we know from LOTR is Thranduil, father of Legolas, arrives in Laketown with his host. This stop is in fact a detour for the Elves, who had planned to march straight to the Lonely Mountain. But as Thranduil is the lord of a good and kindly people, he cannot turn his back on Laketown's need. He brings provisions and artisans for the rebuilding, and rekindles hope and purpose in the Laketowners. This is the first time in Tolkien's legendarium that we see the Elves cast in the role of saviors to Men--a part they would play many times in the history of Middle Earth.

But this is just a peaceful interlude, and soon the Elves continue their march to the mountain, with Laketown's army in tow. At the same time, Dain of the Iron Mountains receives Thorin's message from the ravens, and begins his forced march to aid his kinsman. He will find the Elves and the Laketowners already there, along with an unforseen enemy who will threaten to destroy them all.

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