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September 27, TA 3018

Gandalf crosses the Greyflood. It rains in the Old Forest and the hobbits spend a second night at Tom Bombadil's house.

"The House of Tom Bo...
The much delayed Gandalf is about to re-enter the Shire in his desperate race to find and warn Frodo. One wonders how much hope Gandalf still had for Frodo. Could he have sensed...seen signs...if the Ring had been reclaimed by Sauron at this point?

Meanwhile the hobbits continue their R & R with Bombadil. It is raining in the Old Forest, and they spend the day in conversation with Tom. This is the day when something very remarkable happens. Tom asks Frodo for the Ring and puts it on and astonishingly does not disappear. And when Frodo thinks he is clever and dons the Ring, Old Tom can see him plainly even though the others can not. All of this leads you to wonder...who is Bombadil? Why is he impervious to the Ring? Will he play some important role yet in the story? If not...why not? Why does Tolkien insert this remarkable character into the tale?