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The New Tolkien Companion: J.E.A.Tyler, First Published in 1979

The Grey Havens
The Grey Havens.
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Another worthwhile Tolkien encyclopedia is J.E.A.Tyler's The New Tolkien Companion. It is essentially almost identical in nature to The Complete Guide to Middle-earth and contains nearly the same detailed list of names and places. There are, however, a few notable additions and deviations between the two works--enough so that the true Tolkien aficionado will consider owning a copy of each. Like the Guide, this book is arranged alphabetically.

Of Special Interest:

Forward to the Second Edition: Tyler's forward contains some very informative notes on the physical make up of The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion. It helps the reader put all of the tremendous detail of these books into perspective.

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